Tefal Actifry Low Fat Air Fryer Review

Tefals very successful Actifry range now encompasses 3 different size models from 1kg to 1.5kg capacity and some are available in black and white colors. The 2in1 model has an additional tray to cook 2 different dishes at the same time

  • Main Features
  • Just add one tablespoon of oil to cook
  • No splatter or splash. Ultra safe in the Kitchen. Case remains cool
  • Rotating Paddle (removeable) to move the food around ensuring even cooking
  • Pulsed Hot Air heat source
  • Constant temperature – just set the timer and go
  • No pre heating required, full heat available extremely quickly
  • Cooking pan is ceramic coated – super non stick
  • Lid doesn’t steam up – food can be seen cooking
  • Parts are dishwasher safe
  • No frying smell – has a filter system
  • Power rating 1450 Watts..

Note: there are a bewildering number of different models, so be sure to download the pdf manual for your selected model and check the features – For the early models 1kg capacity the timer does NOT shut off the cooking heat source, so it will continue to cook, For the Family and 1.5kg models the cooking DOES stop when the timer buzzer sounds.

Practical and Clean

The heat source in all the different models is a conventional heating element, so it should be reliable, but not have the instant heat that a halogen heater has.  The biggest capacity models Family has measurements:  12-1/2″L x 16-1/2″W x 7-1/2″H  be sure to measure up your  work surface, these are surprisingly large appliances. No smelly kitchen anymore after use ! The actifry models have a good effective filter system, so the frying odour doesn’t linger for days afterwards like with deep oil frying.

Low Fat Frying

The Airfrying method was thought up, to lower the amount of fat used and the fat needed to cook with. The Tefal Actifry units typically fry in one spoonful of oil , which is over 200 times less than a traditional 3 liter deep fat fryer. The resulting food is much lower in fat, in fact the french fries have only 3% fat per serving . This is substantially more healthy plus you always use fresh oil in the actifry and as you don’t have to renew a 3 liter capacity deep fryer, it will save a lot of money. Despite the relatively high price, the unit will produce great results and pay for itself in a reasonable time.

Versatile Menus

The Actifry is not restricted to chips or french fries, you can roast vegetables, where the paddle is especially good, the veg tumbles around, cooking evenly. Risotto is very easy, pork or beef stir frys, seafood, gumbo or chili are all quick and totally automatic.  The Actifry is also good with desserts

Tefal YV960140, ActiFry, Air Fryer, 2-in-1

 The original Actifry models, unique and versatile cooking

Product details

  • Cook 2 dishes in 1 go. ActiFry 2 in 1 Air Fryer features an additional rotating cooking plate which fits about the large pan. Use this plate to fry delicious, healthy chicken, steak, fish and more!
  • Rated as a ‘Best Buy’ Air Fryer by Which?
  • Healthy – Fry using only one spoonful of oil, to cook authentic, homemade chips with only 3% fat!
  • Convenient – No need to preheat, and no need to stir; thanks to its automatic stirring paddle and Dual Motion Technology
  • Versatile – From starters to desserts, the ActiFry 2 in 1 Air Fryer gives you endless possibilities
  • Download the My ActiFry mobile app to discover hundreds more mouth-watering recipes for your family!
  • The Actifry 2 in 1 Air Fryer has a 1.5kg capacity, enough to feed a hungry family of six
  • Dishwasher safe removable parts, for fuss-free cleaning
  • Actifry Air Fryer 2-in-1 Recipe book included
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Tefal FZ 7110 Actifry Original Snacking

tefal fz 7110 actifry original snacking 1

Product details

  • Item Weight: 4.9 Kg
  • Boxed-product Weight: 5.3 Kg
  • Delivery Destinations: Visit the Delivery Destinations Help page to see where this item can be delivered.
  • Find out more about our Delivery Rates and Returns Policy
  • Item model number: FZ7110
  • Date first available at Amazon.co.uk: 15 May 2020
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Tefal FZ740040 ActiFry Original 

tefal fz740040 actifry original 1

Product details

  • Versatile enough for everyday use; cook up everything from casseroles to curries, beef stroganoff to sausages and even desserts download the free MyActiFry app for over 250 recipe suggestions
  • No stirring required; Dual Motion technology uses hot air and an automatic stirring paddle to achieve evenly cooked results using minimal oil
  • Requires just one spoonful of oil to cook 1 kg of your fried favourites; enjoy healthy, crispy chips using little to no oil*
  • Cook for family and friends thanks to the generous 1 kg capacity, serving up to four hungry people
    Fuss free; non-stick, dishwasher safe parts make the ActiFry Original easy to clean
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Tefal Actifry Air Fryer AH950840 Family Express Xl

tefal actifry family express xl low fat healthy fryer 3

Product details

  • Cooks up to 30% faster than the original Actifry, with a higher cooking temperature and electronic temperature control
  • Over 50% more capacity than the original Actifry, enough for a hungry family of 8!
  • Rated the ‘best Buy’ air fryer by which? and the independent
  • Healthy – fry using only one spoonful of oil, to cook authentic, homemade chips with only 3% fat!
  • Convenient – no need to preheat, and no need to stir; thanks to its automatic stirring paddle and dual motion technology
  • Versatile – from starters to desserts, Actifry gives you endless possibilities.
  • Download the my Actifry mobile app to discover hundreds more mouth-watering recipes for your family!
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Tefal AH960840, Actifry, Air Fryer, Genius XL

tefal ah960840 actifry air fryer genius xl

Product details

  • Eat healthy: Tefal’s leading air fryer cooks all your favourite fried foods with 99 Percent less fat added*
  • Go hands-free: The clever combination of hot air and automatic stirring paddle keeps everything moving (so, you don’t have to) for betterment, even cooking
  • Cook smarter: Whether you’re in the mood for crunchy nuggets, crispy chips or delicious dessert, its nine programs adjust the temperature and stirring speed for you, so you always get tastier results
  • Save time: Two 1-meal-in-1-go programs let you add all your ingredients at once and make a full meal in one step; plus, this fryer cooks 30 Percent faster**
  • Mix it up: With 300+ recipes on the free My ActiFry app, plus access to a hand-picked selection of seasonal recipes and lifestyle tips via the ActiProgramme, you’ll never run out of meal ideas
  • Entertain with ease: This 1.7 kg capacity air fryer stops cooking automatically, keeps food warm when it’s done and has dishwasher-safe parts, meaning less time in kitchen and more with your guests
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Tefal GH840B40, Actifry, Air Fryer, Original Plus

tefal gh840b40 actifry air fryer original plus

`Product details

  • Cook healthy: One of the UK’s leading low-fat fryer brand makes tasty and delicious versions of your loved fried treats with 99 Percent less fat added*
  • Go hands-free: The clever combination of hot air and an automatic stirring paddle ensures your food is crisped well on all sides; no need for you to shake or stir partway through cooking
  • Feed more: With a 1.2 kg capacity, ActiFry original plus is 20 Percent larger than the ActiFry original health fryer; which means you can cater for up to five hungry mouths at once
  • Mix up meals: Not just for chips, ActiFry original Plus cooks up everything from casseroles and curries to stroganoff and stir-fries – even dreamy desserts
  • Be inspired: Tap the free My ActiFry app to access 150+ healthy recipes; just add your ingredients, set the timer then sit back and relax
  • Skip the washing-up: Once everything is cooked, just remove the lid, bowl and stirring paddle and pop the lot in the dishwasher
Buy Tefal GH840B40, Actifry, Air Fryer, Original Plus for Best price

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What Actifry Buyers review of their purchase…

I think this is a great item for people like my friend who want to make a nice meal without a lot of fuss

I’ve owned an Actifry for about three weeks and used it a dozen times. It DOES make good fries. But they’re not as good as the best fries you’ve ever eaten. In fact, I can make better fries at home using the Belgian double fry method. But the clean up and unhealthiness of double frying had made french fries at my house a rare event.

It really does make good fries. Better than most restaurants out there

It’s much better than a fryer. It’s more like a self-stirring roasting oven or saute pan. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and expect our use to increase as I continue to find new things to cook in it.

Too bad we didn’t have one of these when the kids were still in high school. They would have LOVED to be able to make a small batch of wings (tater tots, fries,egg rolls, etc…) as a snack

You can also make delicious sweet potato fries (my favorite – I am vegan). You can make potato wedges with any sort of spices you like. It works great with spiced fingerling potatoes…mmm. It also makes FABULOUS and easy stir-fry…. just throw whatever you want in basically.

We have used this every single day since we got it. I never knew before that there were so many frozen prepared foods that can be used in this. I’ve made delicious asian dishes in this almost every other day from premade frozen foods such as breaded chicken pieces, stir fry vegitables and sweet and sour sauce, or other asian sauces, some made from scratch