Whether fries, Asian dough or sweet donuts: A deep fryer conjures up all kinds of delicacies in kitchens all over the world. There is no need to use tons of fat: an air fryer is the modern low-fat alternative to the traditional fryer. The French brand Tefal was one of the first to bring a hot air fryer on the market.

Advantages of an airfryer
A fryer is as versatile as a stove: it prepares fries, croquettes, chicken nuggets, vegetables or pastries with or without very little fat, depending on the model. As a rule, only one spoon of oil is enough. Hot air operation consumes much less oil than traditional models, where food is immersed in a bath of hot fat.

Cooking in the hot, circulating airflow ensures that aroma and vitamins are largely retained. At the same time this reduces the odors that arise when frying in hot oil. Many consumers today attach importance to a low-fat food preparation. Tefal responds with his ActiFry and Fry Delight series. They are more in the upper price segment of the manufacturer settled.

Multifunction devices: 2 dishes at once
Multifunction devices such as the Tefal ActiFry 2 in 1 combine the functions of the oven, grill and classic fryer: the 2-in-1 models can fry, cook and fry. They allow the simultaneous preparation of several dishes.

In the lower cooking container food can be fried or cooked.
On the top grill plate you can roast steak, schnitzel and fish fingers or bake muffins.
A rotating mixing arm ensures that the food in the cooking container is evenly distributed and cooked.
Lid and stirrer are removable and dishwasher safe, and a non-stick coating facilitates cleaning.
Breaded food could not be prepared optimally with a hot air fryer. This is no longer a problem with the Tefal ActiFry Snacking FZ 7070. Because chicken nuggets and Co. are placed in a so-called snack attachment. In this way, they do not come in contact with the stirring arms or burn. Thanks to Air Pulse technology, crispy foods can be prepared with little or no oil.

Timer and app for more comfort
Due to the timer function, you can keep an eye on the frying process for every model in seconds. Some deep fryers are equipped with auto-stop and overheat protection: this safety system automatically shuts off the appliance when, for example, there is no oil in the container. Operation via smartphone offers the Tefal ActiFry Smart XL: About the app My ActiFry with 200 recipes, the device can be controlled mobile.

With its air fryers Tefal relies on a gentle preparation, extras like timer and more recently the control via app. Fryers that use hot air are usually not as cheap as traditional models. The purchase is worthwhile: Because the devices often offer a variety of classic functions of oven, grill and deep fryer alike.

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