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Cooks Professional air fryers – frying without fat
You really want a bowl full of crispy fries, but not all the fat you bring with you? But you might also want great chicken nuggets. If only it did not always have that many calories. In order not to ruin your good figure, treat yourself to everything that must be prepared in the fryer, only very rarely. And even then you plan for the next day an extra sports unit, so that these superfluous calories of the very delicious, but also high-fat foods are quickly abtrained. Add to that the unpleasant smell, so that the next day you will be asked if you were in the Pommesbude. You have already tried the preparation in the oven, but the result did not convince you. Then convince yourself of a Cooks Professional air fryer. This new style of deep frying ensures that you can cook anything crispy and, above all, low in fat, just with hot air. You think now that you can only cook fries and nuggets in Cooks Professional air fryer? Far from it, airfryers offer far more possibilities for preparing food. It will not take long for your new hot air fryer to be the one in the kitchen you work with most. Simple, fast and without fat – the dream of every cook.

Airfrying Know-how – is it just hot air?
Why use an airfryer? Surely you want to prepare food that is crispy on the outside, but really juicy on the inside. So far you have been able to achieve this result only in the normal fryer. But now there are the new Cooks Professional airfryers. These models only use hot air instead of frying fat. Occasionally the addition of a spoonful of oil is recommended. Looking at the amount you prepare with this one spoon, the oil barely beats. But even if you use a little more oil, the fat content of the food is significantly lower compared to the conventional preparation. With the Cooks Professional airfryers are the times of bad odors, which otherwise arise during frying, finally over. Nothing smells more unpleasant, no smell of grease runs through the house. The cleaning of the Cooks Professional air fryer is much easier. There are not tons of grease that need to be scraped out of the container and disposed of. The frying basket and cooking tray are clean in no time at all without you having to wear a body suit for protection. For most models, a simple plastering is sufficient, but the parts can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. The big advantage of an air fryer: Many models you can use not only for frying, but also for cooking and baking. It is easy to bake bread and cakes, to cook goulash or to prepare a pizza.

These advantages are provided by Cooks Professional air fryers
The most important advantage is obvious, no fat or very little fat needed to prepare food. This results in further advantages:

The device only has to be heated briefly or even not at all
Vitamins and aromas are preserved
Preparation is low in calories and low in fat
Only very little odor
Easy to clean
Cooks Professional Airfryers are very similar to the previously popular small ovens, but offer more features. They are absolutely versatile. Of course, French fries are exactly what you want them to be: crunchy and yet not dry. Even breaded meat gets the crunchy shell that makes it so fascinating. Even vegetables can be cooked in a hot air fryer. Gratins can be prepared just as quickly and well as bread and cakes.

Cook Professional air fryers in different variants
It is not too long ago that the selection of Cook Professional air fryers was more than manageable. Most models offered the same features, and there was little difference in the features. Meanwhile, the airfryers has become so popular that there are many different models. They differ in terms of functionality as well as accessories, filling capacity and performance. So there is now for each household the optimal airfryers.

Cook Professional air fryers – how healthy are they?
A healthy diet is no longer so easy today. Always and everywhere lure the delicious temptations like fries, which taste delicious, but are not good for the health. Everyone knows that too much fat is problematic for your health. Yet, most people consume far more fat every day than they should. This is often because they do not notice how much fat is actually in a dish. In addition, fat is a flavor carrier that makes you want more. It should not be forgotten that most fryers today use highly processed fats and oils, regardless of whether the fryer is in a snack bar or at home in the kitchen. Under high heat, it is possible that trans fatty acids form, and they are harmful to the vascular system. If foods are roasted or fried under high temperatures, substances such as the well-known acrylamide can also be produced. This substance is suspected of being carcinogenic. You can avoid all these dangers by using a hot air fryer. Of course, you should not eat a large portion of chips every day with such a device and forgo fruit and vegetables. But if you are hungry for it, you can enjoy your French fries or other fried foods without a guilty conscience. The less harmful substances are in the diet, the better for your health. With a hot air fryer you prevent these substances from even getting into your food. Accordingly, the preparation in a hot air fryer is healthier than in a conventional deep fryer, and you can do without the extra exercise unit.

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