Princess AeroFryer XL Airfryer Review

Can the Princess “Aerofryer XL” hot air fryer compete with competitors like Tefal or Philips in our test? Read on whether the cheapest device in our test series can convince us and to which result we come.

Handling and operation:

Despite the designation “XL”, the Princess Aerofryer is only mediocre in its dimensions in our test: It is 32.4 (H) x 34.6 (W) x 38.6 (D) cm and weighs about 5 kg. Although it advertises the manufacturer with a capacity of 3.2 liters, a weight indication would have been appropriate. In everyday life, a preparation amount of about 1.2 kg is realistic.

How the Aerofryer XL works:

Thus, the Aerofryer moves here in midfield. The 1500 watts of power seems appropriate for temperatures up to 200 ° C. However, patented technologies such as the Philips Rapid-Air-Technology can not be found on the device.

The housing of the AeroFryer is made of black plastic. The blue display and the silver handle give the otherwise simple design some accents. A viewing window is missing, so you can not monitor the cooking process.

The operation is via the central control panel. Here you choose the temperature, control the timer, or use predefined programs for your dishes. There is no separate on-off switch.

Frying with the Princess Aerofryer XL (practice)

princess aero fryer review

The heating time is short, as with all devices of this type, because air is heated instead of oil for cooking. Obviously, the Princess Aerofryer is modeled on the Philips AirFryer. In our test, we had the impression that the heat distribution is less uniform and the results accordingly less convincing. At least you can cook on two levels, even if they are not separately adjustable.

Versatile use: Even pizza can be baked with the hot air fryer
As with all hot air fryers, you do not need additional oil for preparation. Since you set the temperature manually, the device is suitable for different dishes. In addition to cooking, roasting, and roasting, even baking is possible.

However, the device lacks a stirring function and the air is distributed less effectively than the Philips AirFryer. In our test, therefore, the overhead chips were probably too crisp. The odor during preparation is minimal, although the Princess AeroFryer has no special filter system.

Processing, safety, and cleaning
The processing of the device is stable but does not make a particularly high-quality impression. The non-slip feet provide the unit with a secure footing and you can easily touch the exterior during operation. Integrated overheating protection additionally increases security.

The main components of the deep fryer are the drawer and the frying basket. Both clean quickly and easily in the dishwasher. On the other hand, only wipe the housing damp if it is dirty.

princess aerofryer xl air fryer review


Princess Aerofryer XL is a very affordable model, which in principle can do the same thing as expensive products of the competition. However, since the air circulation inside seems to be less effective dishes do not quite as well as with hot air fryers from well-known manufacturers. Who can live with this restriction should take a closer look.