Philips HD9240 High Capacity Digital Air fryer

The HD 9240 XL Advance Air fryer from Philips is the big daddy! Its small companions have a 0.8Kg capacity, this one has 1.2Kg capacity (or 3 litres of space). So for customers with big families, this is the one for you. The air fryer uses rapid air circulation, with a top mounted heater element, called Rapid Air technology. The basket is designed precisely to allow this air flow to heat the ingredients evenly and fast. The Special starfish shape of the base deflects the air around the cooking area better than any other design, making the Philips air fryer very efficient. The 9240 is available in White or Black, like the other Philips models.

How does the 9240 XL perform?

Chips make a good benchmark for testing, when reviewing the air fryers, it is a food everyone likes and will probably cook frequently. Chips prepared in the Philips 9240HD airfryer are deliciously crispy on the outside, without being dry on the inside. They are ready in 12 minutes, consistently, which is about 5 or 6 minutes less than oven chips done in a conventional grill or oven. For the busy mum the results are perfect, just a shake of the basket at the halfway point, whereas if your chips are done under the grill, they need constant attention if you don’t want burnt or uneven cooking. Is there anything worse or more disappointing than an undercooked or burnt chip?

Pies, unlike when cooked in a microwave , come out perfectly done , not soggy. Cakes can be baked to perfection, moist inside. Chicken is browned , just like in a conventional oven, but with no fuss , in much less time, taking less electricity. Perfect for busy mums with a family to feed. Say goodbye to that deep fat fryer with its pan full of lethal boiling oil, Philips have safety at the top of their list when making the Air fryers.

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Power Consumption

The 9240 is rated at 2100watts on full power, making it the most powerful air fryer that we tested, it comes with a 80cm cord and will work with 50Hz or 60Hz electricity US 110 volts ( UK 230 volts). The power cord can be tidied away around the back, which is useful, but really you will want this gadget on the counter at all times… trust me!


315 Width x 302 Height x 423 Depth in mm and is 7 Kg in weight.

Digital Touch-Screen

You can adjust cooking time up to 60 minutes and Cooking temperature up to 390F (200 degrees C). It also has a preset cooking feature , which you can set yourself, like a ‘favorite’ button, for things you prepare regularly.

If the unit is not being used, but has been left ON, the auto switch off will operate within 30 mins.

Unlike microwaves the air fryer can use any type of cooking pot. Glass, tin, pottery, silicone all work fine in the Philips air fryer as long as it will fit. Max dimensions of any pan used should be 6.3 inches by 2.95inches . If it has rounded corners a square baking pan of 6 by 6 inches will fit easily. Always place the cooking pan in the basket, this allows the vortex of hot air to circulate properly to heat the food evenly

Download the HD9240 User guide

What did customers who bought the HD9240 think of their purchases?

“I live with a teenager so healthy wedges/chips when friends turn up and economic super fast oven for the two us for cooking more conventional food that putting on the main oven for small quantities makes expensive.I mean super fast!”

“the first thing that struck me is the capacity, you can get loads in there. The first and probably the most important road test was with some frozen oven chips that we had in the freezer, they came out super crispy after about 12 – 13 minutes, 5 minutes faster than the oven”

“the capacity of this particular model would allow even the largest family to be catered for, and the digital display is very simple and clear to use”

“What a fantastic product absolutely love it. It does so much more than just chips, but make no mistake the chips are super as well Chicken is done to perfection , cookies are superb , stir fry very good, the list goes on and on.”

“it was a great purchase used it most days , easy clean and easy to understand instructions . from cooking a full meal to doing jacket potatoes for four people.”


The fans of the Philips products are a real enthusiastic bunch, I’ve had comments and emails from many who say they now cook  using the 9240  Philips almost exclusively for day to day  family use, only resorting to conventional types of cooker for the big  holiday Turkey. The Philips XL is an extremely well made product, which is well thought out, although the highest price of the fryers we tested, I think long term it is money well spent and you’ll appreciate its reliability and convenience.

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