Klarstein VitAir Turbo Air Fryer Review

Klarstein Vitair comes on the Market with different colours

Klarstein promises with “VitAir” a multi-talented, which should be a complete substitute for oven, grill and deep fryer. And best of all, you do not need a drop of oil. Are the dishes still crispy and tasty? Our practice review reveals it.

Incidentally, the device has received good reviews: The ETM test magazine awards the grade “good” (83.5 out of 100 points), technology at home “very good” and good advice the grade 1.9. The sticking point: The device costs under 100, while you have to lie down for large models of other brand manufacturers between 200 – 300 . Read on to hear our assessment!

Note: There are both the VitAir and VitAir Turbo models. They differ only slightly (eg due to the positioning of the control panel), otherwise the devices are similar. In this review we introduce the newer Turbo model.

                                Klarstein Air Fryer Comparision

Handling and operation

                                                                 Klarstein Vitair is 57 cm high when opened.

First and foremost we noticed the stately size of the hot air fryer. With 42.6 cm (H) x 35.5 cm (W) x 43.5 cm (T) and 6.1 kg weight, the Klarstein VitAir is the largest air fryer that we have reviewed so far. Even the XXL models from Tefal or Philips are smaller. When the lid is opened, the machine projects a total of 57 cm in height.

We have tested the black model, but there are also colorful variants available.

Who has enough space in the kitchen, but also gets a capacity that is 9 liters. However, for example, French fries are prepared in a mesh basket that holds only 1.0 kg of contents. But you can also prepare a larger amount directly in the oven, but then have to turn the fries by hand.

The accessories include a grill, a poultry skewer, a cooking basket and a grill pan.

The Klarstein VitAir is an air fryer that uses 1400 watts of power and a halogen infrared heating element to prepare a wide range of dishes in record time. Unlike traditional fryers, it does not take long to heat oil. On the other hand, the food is gently cooked by hot air at up to 230 ° C.

The device housing and the large panoramic window are made of double-walled plastic. This way, you can constantly observe the cooking process and finish it earlier if necessary. By contrast, the different inserts such as grill grate, chicken skewer and 3D grill cage made of stainless steel, the metal pan made of PTFE-coated aluminum. We like the fact that so many accessories are included, because it makes the hot air fryer usable for different purposes.

The operating unit of the device is located below the viewing window. Here you can choose from different automatic programs (eg a defrost program) or set the desired preparation time and temperature yourself. The Klarstein Vitair can certainly be a not so fast, but more gentle alternative to the microwave.

All functions can be easily controlled with a front-side touch control panel. An LCD display always providing information about selected program, temperature and cooking time.

Frying with the Klarstein VitAir

The heating element cooks food from the first second and does not need to be preheated. This is a big advantage over the oven and is energy efficient. For our test we prepared French fries and grilled vegetables in the Klarstein VitAir.

Frozen chips do not need extra oil, the vegetables do not harm 1 – 2 tablespoons of oil.

Unfortunately, the use and handling of the Frittierkäfig something awkward. To open and remove the hot cage, a pair of pliers is included. With a little practice that works, but could be better solved. The filling is also tedious, because the opening is not large.

Frying, grilling & baking results are satisfying with Klarstein Vitair

But just chips benefited in the test of the rotation function, so that they were evenly crispy on all sides. After our first try for 20 minutes at 180 ° C they were a bit floury inside. The result on the second try for 25 minutes, however, was very good: outside crispy, inside fluffy. Too bad that freeing the hot fries from the basket can be a bit fiddly.

Even the insertion of the spit requires a little skill. Take a look at the above linked manual.

As the Klarstein VitAir works completely without oil, by the way, almost no odors develop during cooking. A real plus. Negative, however, is the quite high volume level, which is comparable to a cooker hood.

Processing, safety and cleaning

Despite the high plastic content, the device looks solid and is safe because of the high weight on the work surface. There are nubs on the underside so that the hot air fryer does not slip around. Due to the double-walled construction, the exterior also heats up moderately during cooking, so that there is no danger of burns.

If the lid is opened, the cooking process interrupts automatically. At the same time, the lid engages in the uppermost position.

The insert tray is removable and suitable for the dishwasher. The grill and grill basket although, brown discoloration (see video) can only be removed with a brush (and possibly oven cleaner) by hand.


In fact, the Klarstein VitAir is able to prepare a wide variety of low-fat and delicious meals. The time and energy savings compared to other devices also proves to be useful in everyday life.

The device is very large and unwieldy: this can be an advantage if you want to prepare larger dishes. It almost looks like a free-standing oven: Who has no problem with it or has no built-in oven will love the deep fryer. But that’s a disadvantage in small kitchens.

The included accessories such as the frying basket is convenient, unfortunately, the handling is a bit annoying.

Nevertheless, the device is recommended for its good frying results and value for money: For less than 120 you get a solid hot air fryer with large capacity, while a comparable model at the brand manufacturers Tefal and Philips costs significantly more.

Trade magazines are also satisfied with the device: technology at home awards “very good”, the ETM test magazine “good” (83.5 out of 100 points) and Good Rat the grade 1.9. In the long-term test, the Amazon customers are also satisfied.