DeLonghi MultiFry Extra Chef Plus FH 1396 Review

With the new DeLonghi MultiFry Extra Chef Plus FH 1396 Air Fryer and 5-in-1 Multicooker, you can make 1kg of delicious fresh potato fries with just 14ml of oil. With a capacity of up to 1.7 kg of fresh potatoes and 1.5 kg of frozen French fries, 8 portions can be prepared in one go. With the patented SHS Double Pro heating system with the 1000 W lower heating element, a very large number of other dishes such as risotto, couscous, hearty stews and ratatouille, as well as pizza, cakes and pies are outstanding, especially with the additional second bowl with smooth bottom , which is included with this model. Be inspired by the diversity of MultiFry recipes.

The high-end model of DeLonghi comes with many useful settings. In addition to deep frying, the FH 1396 can also be used to prepare grilled dishes, stews, risotto or cakes. All this makes the DeLonghi Multifry FH1396 plausible. We are not particularly happy about the coating of the cooking containers, these scratched quite fast.


  • Comfortable operation
  • Very many preparation possibilities


  • Cooking containers scratch quickly

Handling and operation

DeLonghi FH measures 39.5 x 32.5 x 29 cm

The DeLonghi FH1396 / 1 air fryer is the premium model of DeLonghi. Measuring 39.5 x 32.5 x 29 cm (HxWxD), it is wider and a bit deeper than the cheaper model “DeLonghi Multifry FH1163 / 1”.

In weight, the two devices are hardly differ, even the DeLonghi FH1396 / 1 weighs about 6.5 kg.

The capacity is DeLonghi with 1.7 kg for fresh potatoes and 1.5 kg for frozen chips.

The air fryer is operated via a rotary control, which can be used to set the various programs, as well as buttons that allow setting the cooking level between 1-4 and time.

The device comes with 8 programs, five of which are fully automatic and four semi-automatic.

Product Summary Rating Purchase
DeLonghi MultiFry Extra Chef Plus FH 1396
– Comfortable operation
– Very many preparation possibilities
– Cooking containers scratch quickly
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Fully automatic programs:

Goulash / Risotto: set to 60 minutes by default, with level 4. Stirring element turns after three minutes to ensure even searing.

Pie: 40 minutes at level 2.

Pizza: suitable for homemade, but also for frozen pizza. 30 minutes at level 2.

Potatoes: 32 minutes at level 3. Suitable for potatoes and frozen chips. The food is stirred while doing so.

Grill: suitable for grilling. For this, the grate is placed in the air fryer. Standard is level 3 and 50 minutes cooking time.

DeLonghi FH 1396 Extra Chef Plus – Semi & Full Automatic Programms

Semi-automatic programs

These programs display suggested cooking times and performance levels, but these should be adjusted for each recipe.

Oven: this program is suitable for roasts, bread, fried vegetables and deep-fried. In this mode, top & bottom heat turnes on.

Airgrill: only top heat, suitable for meat, fish and grilled vegetables. Is also good for gratinating.

Pan: bottom heat. The food is mixed at the same time with the mixer.

As the programs suggest, the DeLonghi Multifry Extra Chef Plus FH 1396/1 can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes.

The programs are only a combination of the different setting options (cooking level, cooking time, top / bottom heat and stirring). This can be done with the cheaper device of DeLonghi, the DeLonghi Multifry FH1163 / 1 . You only have to adjust it yourself (the bottom heat can not be used alone with the FH1163 / 1).

The container for the food to be cooked is coated and safe to wash in dishwasher. However, we recommend cleaning by hand to maintain the quality of the coating. By delivery there is also a stainless steel grill included.

The lid of the device is transparent, so that the course of the cooking process is always easy to observe. With a push of a button, the lid opens in a gentle movement and the container can be removed with the help of the folding handle. A construction that we like very much.

Unfortunately, the deep fryer is louder than comparable models. If you have a problem with it, we recommend you to buy the quieter Tefal Actifry.

Deep frying and cooking

DeLonghi FH 1396 can deep fry and cook

Let’s get to the most important part of the test: cooking & frying with the DeLonghi FH 1396/1.

First we fried frozen chips. This is probably the dish most often fried on air fries.

750 g chips were prepared according to the times indicated in the instructions and with the appropriate level. We were not completely satisfied with the result. The fries were browned very differently despite constant stirring. But they were still edible.

The frozen pizza became a bit dry as the fan is very close to the pizza surface.

One of us prepared apple pie and the device baked it perfectly, there was nothing to complain about. A difference to the oven could not be recognized, the cake remained very juicy.

We recommend to increase the cooking times a bit, as we often found them too short in 1 – 2 minutes.

After all, we are quite satisfied with the cooking performance of the device. The mixing arm is not optimal: in part it grinds the dishes, in part he does not use them properly. Therefore prefer to stir in between times.