If you are feared of the fried items, air fryer is the most modernistic kitchen appliance that can be an exigent device for you. The function of the air fryer is almost similar to the convection oven, as it functions by spreading hot air around the food within its different parts. Since in the air fryer food is cooked by hot air, so there is no chance to splatter the oil. Being cooked by the hot air, the food becomes crunchy in the outside and soft in the inside. Now health-conscious people will be happy to know that it uses 80% less oil than traditional deep-fried foods.


foods to prepare with air fryer

Here are some yummy and crunchy foods that you can try with your air fryer

  1. Chips ahoy
    If you love potatoes, can make thin crunchy chips or stocky stake by air frying easily. You can try out solid food like kamote and plantain also. Give it a try with cabbage or pumpkin stake and chopped apples.
  2. Crispy chicken
    Are you fond of tasty fried or air fried chicken? Drumsticks, thighs, pastry, lollipops, and wings whatever you make with chicken, its crunchy skin, and tasty meat will make your mouth watering.
  3. Breaded Talk
    You can experiment on some deep-fried breaded delights, for example, potato and salmon croquettes, tonkatsu and onion rings. Also, try out zucchini and brinjal breading as a fascinating side dish.
  4. Snack attack
    Locally favorite food lumpia and turon can be fried in the air fryer, thus these will be crunchier and more palatable. Cook wontons and veggie fritters in the air fryer, get relief from preserving bubbling oil.
  5. Main attraction
    Pork chops, fishes, lamb chops will get forced you to lick your fingers. When you fry liempo in the air fryer, may get out some fat but its crispy skin and juicy meat must insist you loving it.
  6. Easy breakfast
    Eggs and baked bacon with the air fryer can be a healthy breakfast.

Yummy and less oily food is cooked with air fryer and opened a new era of healthy cooking. Snacks, grilled items, pastries and desserts are now healthier as well as palatable. It will allow you to get encouraging remarks from your near and dear ones.